How to decorating a bathroom in glamour style?

In case you are planning to furnish your house or flat in an elegant style, you need to take care not only of its representative part, such as the living room, but also of the bathroom. It is recommended to create an interior that will match the design of the entire house, and at the same time serve as a private space perfect for relaxation. This article will advise you on how to arrange a glamourous and classy bathroom with a stunning design.

You will now learn:

  • how to decorate a bright glamour bathroom,
  • how to blend gold decor into your bathroom,
  • how to furnish an elegant black bathroom.

A glamour bathroom should combine functionality typical for a relaxation area in a pleasant atmosphere with refined but unforced elegance and a touch of glamour. How can a large or small bathroom be arranged in glamour style so that the balance between classic and modern is maintained. In this article you will find design suggestions that are unique, original, and tasteful.

Glamour style and a bathroom in bright colours; why opting for those is a good idea?

Bright colours are perfect for a glamour bathroom. Nevertheless, this does not mean you have to opt for white tiles. Our recommendation is much more elegant and original as you can choose white tiles combined with subtle veining. Those from the Onice collection, inspired by the morning light and the multi-dimensional texture of onyx, will be perfect.

The size of the tiles plays an important role in this collection; these are large-format tiles. Their bright, yet warm colours combined with a large format will allow you to optically enlarge the room and provide it with an elegance typical of the glamour style. The bathroom will gain a unique atmosphere thanks to the spacious patterns on the tiles, which can replace additional decorations. To complete the décor, you can choose furniture and furnishings in contrasting colours. You can combine black and white, which is perfect for a glamour bathroom.

Stylish bathrooms arranged with gold décor on the walls

The essence of a glamour bathroom is, of course, elegance and a touch of splendour. However, one should carefully balance the proportions to prevent kitsch. A readymade solution comes from the Sophisticated collection. Maciej Zień, who is the author responsible for this project, has combined chic colours, such as black, white and bottle green, with delicate gold ornaments that wonderfully add extra diversity to the interior of any glamour bathroom.

The subtle gold embellishments on the tiles are fine and elegant enough to be found throughout the bathroom with no fear to go too far. Along with the diffused light, you will achieve an effect of soft, natural glamour that will illuminate the interior and bring a touch of class. A good complement to this arrangement will be dark, solid furniture with gold adornments, typical of the glamour style. You can also opt for delicate gold decorations but remember to keep it simple - gold tiles may be more than enough, especially if you have a small space.

A modern glamour bathroom and an interior full of deep black

A glamour bathroom interior should be enchanting and eye-catching from the first glance. A perfect suggestion, therefore, is a combination of deep black interspersed with ultra-fine white veins on tiles from the Regal Stone collection with modern furnishings full of bold shiny gold. Such a glamour bathroom will be reminiscent of a palace.

Large-format dark tiles with a glossy surface will make the interior look enthralling. Deep black is a bold solution, but it is certainly very refined and associated with the glamour style, which favours dark colours. However, to prevent the glamour bathroom from becoming oppressive, it would be an innovative idea to brighten it up by choosing lighter-coloured furnishings, such as elegant bottle green combined with gold accents. And of course, it is a question of adequate lightning: choose warm lighting and a lavishly decorated chandelier, which will be the main ornament in the room.

Glamour bathrooms arranged this way will be breath-taking. While this style is suitable for small and larger interiors alike, it is important to choose the right colour scheme, furnishings, and accessories.