Decorating an industrial-style bathroom

The industrial style gained popularity in the 1950s in the United States. The abandoned post-factory buildings became places that began to be widely redeveloped into flats. Initially, industrial interiors were inhabited by young, adventurous people, who were not afraid of harshly decorated rooms with visible brick, ubiquitous metal, and rust colours. In time, however, the style gained recognition on a much broader scale - it crept into the world of design and is now one of the most popular ways to decorate homes. Are you wondering how to industrially design a bathroom in your home? Check out our ideas!

You will now learn:

  • how to add a colour to an industrial bathroom,
  • how to design an industrial interior by using contrasts,
  • whether white is a satisfactory solution for an industrial

The austere interiors associated with the industrial style are something that designers and architects have fallen in love with. They bring up numerous design options because, despite their simplicity, they can be incredibly interesting and original. What can you do to bring industrialism into your interior? Check out the tile collections that match this style.

Industrial interiors with a splash of colour

Industrial interiors are associated with open areas and austere décor, with bricks and ubiquitous metal being the main motifs. So how can you create a bathroom in this style? The tiles from the Brainstorm collection, which are not only unique due to their natural inspiration, but some of them are shaped like classic bricks, can help.

What is so special about the Brainstorm collection?

It is primarily the colour scheme. The Brainstorm collection departs from the classic perception of industrialism. Instead of red bricks, there are colourful ceramics, whose colours are inspired by what is most interesting in the industrial style: brass, metal, black.

Such a design will revitalise your bathroom, making it look still raw, yet noble at the same time. This colour combination also opens a multitude of design opportunities for you. For example, you can furnish your bathroom with furniture that matches the colours of the ceramics. So, you can choose between fittings in brown or gold, black and grey.

Harsh interiors full of contrasts

Industrial tiles are not only brick-shaped patterns, but also large-format tiles that resemble austere and straight slabs that look like rust-covered metal. Their amazing colour scheme, which alternates black and copper with white floor tiles, makes the contrasts in an industrial interior an eye-catching feature. How can this effect be created?

Discover the Tin collection, which features tiles in a unique industrial metal. They will look great on the walls. The floors, on the other hand, should be covered with white tiles, which will optically enlarge the interior and brighten it up.

To give your bathroom, filled with contrasts, an even more industrial touch, you can match it with the right equipment. As with tiles, you can follow the principle of contrast. Choose white fixtures and accessories that are similar in colour to the rust-coloured metal tiles. This will ensure that your design is consistent and urban in character.

Bright-coloured industrial floor tiles? Oh yeah!

If you associate industrial interiors primarily with dark shades, it is also worth paying attention to these quite brighter options. They allow for interesting design solutions as well as optical enlargement and brightening of interiors, especially smaller and less lit ones, where it is worth abandoning darker tiles. Tiles such as those from the Aulla collection, inspired by rough concrete, are certainly associated with a big-city style.

The Aulla collection

These large-format tiles in grey and graphite tones go perfectly with both white and black. This collection features silver décors to create a chic and glamorous arrangement. If you opt for black industrial furniture and equipment, such as lamps, mirrors, or some of the fittings, you will get a décor that perfectly fits the style of industrial interiors with a touch of modernity.

Use cold light, which will reflect off the tiles and further enlarge the interior. Do not forget a slightly different shade of tile for the floors and walls as this will still make the space harmonious yet original.

Industrial décor is the perfect solution both for small interiors, which will be optically enlarged owing to its austere nature, and for larger ones, as it gives them a unique flair. No matter how large your space is, this style is perfect for any bathroom.