How to furnish a minimalist bathroom?

Designing a minimalist bathroom, wheter the interior is large or small, involves a lot of decisions. You have to decide on the right colour, how to decorate the interior in order to maintain a streamlined style and determine how to make the bathroom not only eye-catching, but functional also. In this article, we will give you tips on how to furnish the perfect minimalist bathroom.

You will now learn:

  • How to design a minimalist bathroom with bright colours,
  • Why dark colours work well in minimalist bathrooms,
  • Whether contrasts are a good solution for minimalist bathrooms.

A modern minimalist bathroom will work well in both a single-family house and a flat. However, it is important to match its interior design with the other rooms. Equally important when decorating the bathroom is the atmosphere. You need to ensure that the space promotes relaxation and when having a bath or shower in the evening takes you straight back to your favourite spa.

A minimalist bathroom in bright colours - how to design it?

White, beige and soft greys - these bright colours would look stunning in a minimalist bathroom. Even though less is more with this style, you do not have to opt for tiles that are homogeneous in colour. It is advisable to let their subtle embellishments replace the additional decoration of the minimalist bathroom interior. An excellent choice would be the Harmonic collection. The marble-inspired tiles are elegant and unique.

A simply decorated and lightly coloured interior will work equally well in a small minimalist bathroom. The room will be optically enlarged, as well as appearing more spacious, and adding cosiness at the same time. Adequate lighting is important - in a smaller bathroom, it is better to opt for a diffused light, which will additionally reflect off the tiles, creating a subtle and illuminating glow. In a large bathroom, on the other hand, it is better to go for a spotlight. Similarly, you should avoid extra accessories in favour of white furnishings, which will complement the light and minimalist design.

A modern minimalist bathroom in dark colours

Dark colours in a minimalist bathroom would be a great idea. Grey and black are associated with spacious interiors and minimalist living, which are most welcome within this style. These colours, combined with large tile formats, will allow you to achieve a unique seamless effect - such tiles can be found as part of the Grand Cave collection.

The interior of a dark bathroom should not be overpowering when decorated in the spirit of minimalism. It is therefore advisable to break up the colour scheme a little by adding accessories in trendy wood or white. This will give the décor a light and non-monotonous touch. Then you can go for bold accents in distinctive colours, but at the same time make sure you keep plenty of space as minimalist bathrooms must not be filled with accessories. You can decorate moderately with stylish mirrors, wicker and wooden furnishings along with industrial lamps.

The magic of contrasts - a minimalist two-tone bathroom

A single-colour dominant in a minimalist bathroom is a universal solution. However, it is also worth opting for contrasts, which are exceptionally trendy. A minimalist bathroom is spacious and elegant when planned properly. Tiles from the industrial Tin collection will help you achieve it.

The strict minimalism of such an interior is a perfect combination of elegant black and brighte white. This most classic combination of contrasts works well in both large and small bathrooms. The surface of the non-uniform and delicately decorated tiles will become a substitute for additional ornaments. In such an industrial space, you can decide on furnishings in white or metallic. It is also worth opting for soft white lighting, which will emphasise the nature of your modern minimalist bathroom.

An interior design full of space must be perfectly balanced. After all, minimalism cannot mean a total disregard of functionality. Therefore, you should opt for essential furniture and choose perfectly designed tiles to enhance your minimalist bathroom, then enjoy a luxurious, spacious yet not boring interior.