In the heart of Scandinavian bliss: Ania's studio from

The studio of Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka, who runs the blog, impresses with its sublime simplicity in the Scandinavian style. Every corner evokes a positive energy that puts one in an optimistic mood. The interior contains everything related to harmony and the art of finding happiness in everyday life.

For Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka, style is the starting point for arrangement; conventions are boldly combined to create delightful combinations. In her own interior, she has combined English, French and Scandinavian styles, maintaining a perfect harmony between them. The host of the blog reveals the spaces she has created, dazzling with designer craftsmanship. Her newly renovated studio is the quintessence of elegance in a natural edition.

Natural bliss

Combining styles, Ania used tiles with a wainscoting structure in a warm shade of white. Maciej Zień's Timeless collection enables the creation of arrangements full of peace, reflection and tranquility. It delights with its blissful approach to everyday life, full of simplicity and relief.

On the bathroom floors one can find the Fashion mosaic, which perfectly illuminates the space and gives it an extraordinary character. The classic pattern, combining white and black, adds unforced French elegance and class to the interior.

Safe Haven

Ania draws from the beauty of nature, which is why her studio includes nature-inspired tiles. In the kitchen, the decorator focused on the Balance Stone collection, designed by Maciej Zień. The tiles were also used as kitchen countertops, introducing a note of soothing and undisturbed harmony. Balance Stone – inspired by a unique variety of Portuguese Alpine marble –looks remarkable in this form.

In the greenhouse , the decorator decided to use the phenomenal Onice Rosa collection. Granilla-coated large-format slabs provide a spectacular effect of double reflection of natural light that penetrates through the glass structure.