Japandi style indoors. How to use tiles to arrange a space that combines Japanese and Scandinavian styles?

What could result from a combination of Japanese functionality and Scandinavian minimalism? It could be a perfect style for those who appreciate delicate, bright colours and natural materials! Due to its subdued aesthetic, Japandi is worth considering in the bathroom, which is the home's haven. Japandi-style décor is also suitable for the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

You will now learn:

  • what the Japandi style is all about,
  • how to decorate a bathroom in the Japandi style,
  • what makes a living room in the Japandi style so exceptional,
  • whether a Japandi bedroom is a good idea.

It can be challenging choosing the right style for your interior. Classic, glamour or perhaps a modern one... This time we have opted for styles close to nature. Whether in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, the Japandi style is a timeless concept. What exactly is the Japandi style? How can it be incorporated into your interior? You will find inspiring design tips in this article.

Japandi - a style rooted in minimalist design principles but yet charismatic

What is the Japandi style? It is a functional, calming way to decorate interiors. It was developed as a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Japandi takes the best of both styles for an aestetic that's sleek and modern: Japanese restraint in moderation choice of accessories, love of nature, and Scandinavian comfort, functionality and cosiness. Japandi-style interiors enchant with a careful selection of decoration and clarity.

The most important thing about Japandi interiors is their moderation. Therefore, you can avoid excess furniture and distracting accessories, and instead use beautiful large-format tiles as a base for your styling, which will become an excellent decoration on their own.

The Japandi style - a bathroom straight out of a catalogue

Bright and soft, and yet eye-catching: these are the tiles from the Fair collection by Tubądzin. Subtle shades of beige make the interior look illuminated and cosy. They provide a calm and relaxing mood, which makes them perfect for arranging a soothing bathroom interior, such as a Japandi bathroom.

The accessories to consider in such an interior should be simple and minimal: plain, single-coloured fittings, as well as simple shelves and tables.

Should you prefer less austere interiors, you can opt for tiles and wall decors from the Sfumato collection. The subtle greys blend perfectly with the warm shades of wooden accessories so often used in the Japandi style homes. When choosing tiles from this collection, it is also worth turning to hexagons shaped decors, which are one of the favourite geometric patterns in Scandinavia. This combination perfectly reflects the atmosphere desired in the Japandi style. Simple details such as wooden furniture, unfussy fittings and a large, light-framed mirror also work best.

Japandi - a living room of your dreams!

The Japandi-style home, however, is not only about a harmonious bathroom in which one can relax, but also about other rooms such as the bedroom, kitchen or living room. After all, what would a home truly be without a space in which we can relax with friends or family? In order to further emphasise the grandeur of this space, it is worth opting for the monumental large-format Tender Stone tiles, which can be used to cover both the walls and floor of the living room, thus creating a harmonious composition.

The classic beauty of stone, which inspired the design of these tiles, is combined here with a gentle, fine drawing, reminiscent of sea waves. Such an arrangement is extraordinarily calming, relaxing and soothing to the senses, making you feel like you are on holiday in your Japandi living room.

Japandi - the style that makes your dream bedroom come true!

The Japandi-style bedroom makes a perfect space to relax. Natural materials and black accessories will help you calm down after a busy day. You can give up unnecessary decoration and go for minimalism and clarity. You can also try the tiles from the Mountain Ash collection by Korzilius, which perfectly reflect the colours and patterns of wood.

Such a foundation would be a perfect setting for a plain Japandi bed and other furniture. Keep in mind to choose simple, geometric forms in metal or raw wood and reduce the number of other objects to a minimum. An interior planned this way would have a restful atmosphere.

No matter which tiles you choose, they will be an excellent base for arranging your Japandi-style interior. Please do not forget that the interior should, above all, meet your expectations, and therefore you should use your inner sense on your search for your perfect solution.