Lightweight Boho, Timeless and Wood collections

Would you like to incorporate a laid-back vibe to your interior? Do you appreciate ethno style elements, which add lightness and freedom to your rooms? The new collections by the Tubądzin Group are made specially for you. You should explore the Timeless, Wood and Boho lines, packed with warm, positive colours and classic, Provençal simplicity.

Rustic vs boho

Brightness, naturalness, simpleness - these elements define the essence of rurality, which is returning to the High Street in a big way. Today, in the world filled with modernity, where maximalism and futurism take the lead, closeness to nature and simplicity are often missing. It is no surprise, then, that the number of enthusiasts of casual style in interiors continues to grow.

At the same time, the boho trend remains popular, which is also associated with freedom, limitlessness and openness to new experiences. Artistry, comfort and summertime indulgence are the key features of this aesthetic. It is all about a carefree attitude neatly combined with elements of native folklore and design typical to Indian culture, particularly acclaimed by lovers of the hippie style.

Whichever path is chosen, both the idyllic and boho styles will add lightness and unique charm to your rooms. The interiors will become bright and full of energy. Subdued colours and well-balanced designs promote concentration and calmness.

A breath of freshness and gentleness of Provence will be brought into your interiors with the Timeless collection designed by Maciej Zień. The elegant, timeless form acquires an extraordinary softness and sensuality, filling the interiors with cosy warmth and an atmosphere of comfort. Classic whites and blacks as well as hue beiges will complement any styling. Its very name - Timeless - suggests that the collection will work well in kitchens, corridors and bathrooms equally well. The subtle grain of stone, set between the shades of sandstone, mother-of-pearl and travertine, exudes painterly quality.

The Boho Collection

Eclectic boho interiors bring together a range of inspirations, cultures and comfortable unconstrained expression. The richness of patterns and textures conceals the potential to create interesting compositions with a modern, beautiful design. These are distinguished by their authenticity resulting from combinations of simple forms accompanied by original artisanship. This is the way the Boho collection is inspired by the cenotes in Mexico. It is a combination of tenderness and decorative geometry. Freedom and contact with nature are elements that will give your home a completely new and unique image. The porcelain stoneware tiles, reminiscent of faded, worn-out denim, bring the balance and ease that one needs.

To complete your home's styling, the Wood collection will adorn the interiors with the beauty of natural wood. The deep shades of stoneware will emphasise the rustic character of your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or living room. And they will be easy to keep tidy, giving you time to enjoy the diversity of nature and contemplate the charm of idyllic style. The Wood collection pays tribute to the monumentality and phenomenality of nature at its finest.

Get inspired!

Examples of the unique use of porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles in interiors can be found in the newOpen the Door for Tubądzin show. Kasia Bosacka, host of "Wiem co jem" and "Eko Bosacka" programmes, used the Timeless, Boho and Woodcollections by the Tubądzin Group in her new recording studio. The Timeless wall-panel-inspired tiles in classic white are on display in the kitchen. The eye-catching floors are laid with Wood Grain Red STR stoneware, the tiles blend perfectly with the rustic-style furniture. The bathroom, meanwhile, benefits from Boho tiles with a blue mosaic motif that infuses the shower area, creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.