Modern classic - refined, harmonious interior designed with a touch of innovation

Beauty and simplicity, elegance and sophistication - the modern classic style combines seemingly incompatible elements into a harmonious, timeless arrangement.

Combining a variety of styles in interiors has recently become very popular. It allows to obtain an original, unobvious decoration, which meets the highest requirements and sophisticated taste. Even those stylistic elements that seem very different from each other can create a coherent, intriguing space.

This is the trend followed by modern classic - a style, which reconciles the immortal classics with modernity, introducing a breath of fresh air and a touch of elegance to traditional interior solutions. Its main idea is to provide a comfortable place, simple in form, but drawing inspiration from contemporary patterns and materials. It is a skilful art that combines objects reminiscent of court palaces and the minimalism of modern, comfortable flats.

A subdued background, against which expressive, elegant accessories in shades of gold, silver or black will resound, is the key to a modern classic interior. Skilfully combined elements will bring harmony, peace and timeless functionality to an interior.

The Sophisticated collection brings classic inspiration to those who appreciate a decorative touch. A timeless marble pattern featuring subtle beading adds elegance and chic to living rooms. The subdued colour palette of stone - whites and greys - creates a bright and spacious place full of glamour. Jewellery details in the form of a gold six-pointed rosette additionally reflect the light, giving the effect of a refined and phenomenal space.

The Timeless collection, on the other hand, represents the essence of British style, a combination of timeless form with classic elegance. The feeling of warmth and softness is provided by the light colour scheme: shades of beige, white, écru as well as tea and milk, which nicely match the distinguished black of the brick-shaped tiles. The painterly drawing of the stone, set between the shades of sandstone and nacre, provides a calm, aesthetic and unobtrusive background to the setting.

The first episode of the new show "Open the door for Tubądzin" features a wonderful example of modern classic style. The format invites viewers to the homes and studios of Polish artists and presents perfectly designed, inspiring spaces. Katarzyna Szostakowska, an interior designer and founder of the highly regarded interior design website PoliszDesign by Kate&Co, who also runs her own studio in the house, is one of them. In the film, an intriguing example of the modern classic style is shown, and we learn how to practically combine classic and modern, while creating a harmonious interior.

The show Open the door for Tubądzin will be available from 20 April. The premiere episode will be released on the YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Follow the profiles and stay tuned!