Mosaics in bathrooms. Check out the most interesting selections

Are you looking for a way to arrange your bathroom in an interesting way? A mosaic on the wall or floor would be an innovative idea to add variety to your interior. In this article, you will learn which mosaics for the bathroom are worth choosing, as well as how to match them with the decor of your washroom to make it look elegant and tasteful. Read and discover how to lay a mosaic in such a way that it will become the main decorative element of your interior.

You will now learn:

  • which mosaics make a helpful solution for an elegant bathroom,
  • how to use mosaics to create an industrial effect,
  • whether mosaics are suitable for modern interiors.

Not only are bathroom mosaics fashionable but also a stylish alternative. Carefully selected, they can replace decorative accessories in any interior, making it more structured and spacious. How should one choose bathroom mosaics and to not end up with a mottled interior, but with a tasteful, delicate effect for a unique washroom? Here are some ideas!

Mosaic tiles for the bathroom in an elegant glamour style

The glamour style is associated with splendour, but at the same time with elegance, order, and consistent, uniform colours. Then how does one incorporate mosaic into a bathroom decorated in this manner? Simply choose mosaic tiles for the bathroom that are jewel-toned and will substitute ornaments typical of the glamour style, such as gold accessories. A perfect choice is the Sophisticated collection designed by Maciej Zień.

The bright tile inspired by the structure of a stone is a perfect background for gold accessories. You may decide to arrange an elegant mosaic on the entire wall or highlight only a part of it. This collection is extraordinarily impressive and has been designed with attention to the smallest detail. It will give your interior a unique touch.

Industrial tiles - bathroom mosaic in a modern interior

Mosaic tiles in a bathroom can do more than simply decorate, they can also create an extraordinary play of light in the interior. Simply choose non-obvious, industrial-inspired colours such as silver, copper, white and black and combine them in a dynamic way to create a unique effect. Such décors are at the heart of the Brainstorm collection, inspired by the beauty and elegance of a stormy sky.

Combining dark marble and a colourful bathroom mosaic with an unusual colour and arrangement reminiscent of lightning bolts is bound to completely transform the interior of your washroom. Such an arrangement is the essence of modernity, so it is worth complimenting it with the right furniture and equipment that will blend in with the overall interior. Go for colours that appear in the mosaic, which are distinctive but not overwhelming.

Arrangement of a minimal bathroom mosaic

Whether you dream of a minimal, Scandinavian-style interior or are enthralled by the Japandi Style, you do not need to give up on mosaics. Instead, opt for the subdued Sfumato collection, which captivates with its modern simplicity and restraint. It features hexagons, one of the favourite geometric patterns in Scandinavia. Match it with simple accessories such as wooden furniture and a large mirror in a light frame.

Bathroom mosaics are the perfect finishing touch to any style of décor. However, it is important to use them in moderate quantities and consider them as a unique and tasteful decorative element. In this way, your interior will always remain full of class and elegance.