Onice - a light - loving stone

Transparent, multidimensional and naturally beautiful – get to know the new large-format tiles from the Onice collection by Tubądzin. This time designers from TU_collective reached for a subtle variety of onyx. Delicate white and luminous shades of pink are reminiscent of the sky waking up at dawn. The serenity of subdued colours is complemented by an energetic blaze of shades of brown. This synergy of colours creates a perfect balance and dethrones the ubiquitous grey.

The glow of the dawn

At dawn, the sky shimmers with soft shades of pink, the darkness of the night turns into a delicate spectacle of lights. The first sunrays bring warmth, gentleness and peace. The Onice collection was based on delicate, feminine colours – pink and white. It creates a cosy, calm interior, bringing to mind a new day and new possibilities. Each tile is a unique work of art.

The high gloss gives tiles the luminosity characteristic of natural stone. The multi-layer pattern creates an impression of natural translucency and spaciousness. When in contact with light, they display a rich and, above all, multi-layered structure that offers us a wonderful symphony of colours. Shining reflections, shades of pink associated with energy and smouldering heat, bring to mind the morning energy.

Jewellery elegance

Onyx does not like decorations and crowds. By itself, it is sufficiently ornate and ornamental. That is why the Onice collection will definitely appeal to the fans of minimalism, who like to put on strong accents and do not want to put too much in their interiors.

Delicate shades of pink would be a great base for both a glamorous styled bathroom and an original basis for creating a delicate living room. A perfect complement to the arrangement would be soft fabrics with a thick weave, golden accents harmoniously referring to brown colours, and accessories in shades of pastel pink or natural wood. Diffused sources of light will allow you to fully expose the beauty of the mineral.

Inspired by nature

The pattern taken from natural onyx was transferred to large-format gres tiles in sizes 120 x 240, 120 x 120 and 60 x 120 cm. Their size emphasises deeply embedded graphics with shades and effects of uneven layering. As a result, the Onice collection impresses with its amazing decorativeness, which is typical of natural onyx, creating an exquisite whole.

The luxurious Onice collection gives interiors an elegant character. Incredibly natural and original at the same time, it fits both classic and modern spaces. Pink onyx, which spectacularly sparkles in the rays of the morning sun and intrigues with its ambiguity and mystery.

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