Top five ideas for arranging a bathroom mirror wall

A bathroom is a space to relax in a long, hot bath or a refreshing shower. It is also a room to get ready for important outings and to carry out daily care and beauty. It should be a combination of functionality and taste. There are certain fixtures that should not be missing; above all, a mirror!

Read the article to find out:
• how to integrate modern mirrors into a bathroom,
• how to match mirrors with decors,
• whether glued mirrors are a good idea,
• which decorations go with round mirrors,
• how to decorate a mirror.

Selecting an original mirror for a bathroom, which at the same time perfectly matches its décor, can seem like quite a challenge. There are a few design tips which might be helpful when it comes to choosing both a mirror that matches the style of the bathroom, and also its positioning in the bathing area.

1. Contemporary bathroom mirrors and the ways to integrate them.

Bathroom mirrors are often associated with a perfectly round, rectangular or perhaps square panel, under which a cabinet for bathroom utensils may also be hidden. These are concepts that, of course, never go out of fashion and can be successfully referred to as timeless, but modern bathroom mirrors that feature slightly less obvious shapes can sometimes be stunning and perfectly adapted to certain arrangements.

The irregular shapes of the original mirrors are perfect for an industrial or modern style décor, such as those achieved with the Tin collection tiles. These methods of decorating are typically marked by austerity, both in the colour selection and in the furniture, but it is worth choosing accessories that are a little more extravagant. Go for a mirror with a different shape than the standard one, preferably in a thin frame and equipped with additional lighting; it will add an interesting touch to the design of a bathroom.

2. Why is it so important to match a bathroom mirror to the décor colour?

Not only are bathroom mirrors an integral part of the practical furnishings, but they also form part of the decoration of this premises. Therefore it is worth ensuring that it blends perfectly with the other decorations, such as the tiles. Should you decide to line the area around the mirror with tiles, such as those available in the Sophisticated collection, which have jewel tones, it is necessary to make sure that the mirror matches such tiles. What is the best solution to do it?

First of all, the colour of the mirror frame matters. It should be the same or a similar shade as the decors. Doing so will create a harmonious effect for a stylish interior and highlight both the tiles and the mirror. It is advisable that the wall on which it is hung not to be too densely decorated, which will make the mirror the centrepiece.

3. How to design a space with a mirror embedded between the tiles?

One of the most interesting design solutions, which should be planned during the tiling process, is the glued bathroom mirror. This solution implies that you know exactly how big your mirror will be and where exactly it is to be placed when designing the bathroom.

Such a solution will be particularly suitable in a small bathroom, where all the cut-offs and shapes make the space seem smaller. A tiled mirror will also look great in a large bathroom. Single-colour tiles, such as those available from the All In White collection, should be matched to this solution in both types of rooms, so that the wall surface appears smooth and creates a harmonious entirety with the bathroom mirror.

4. What décor matches a bathroom round mirror?

A round mirror for the bathroom seems like a standard option, but it will also work perfectly as a part of a slightly less classic arrangement. It all depends on the size of a mirror you decide on. It is worth considering an extreme solution such as hanging both, a huge mirror in one space, which will be functional, and small round mirrors, which will work well as decorations. Such a combination is perfect for modern interiors.

In case of classic interiors, you may opt for standard-sized mirrors that will complement the décor. If, on the other hand, you want to add some extra flair to the room, then a selection of rounded mirrors with a custom frame, such as a three-dimensional one will work.

5. How to decorate a mirror frame?

A mirror in the bathroom forms a decorative element itself. Sometimes, however, it is worth enhancing its charm, especially if you do not opt for too many decorative elements as it is the glass panel that is supposed to attract the attention. So, how do you make a mirror decoration a part of your bathroom wall design? Here is a hint!

A good and simple design solution is to tile the wall that the washbasin and mirror are on with different coloured tiles than the rest of the bathroom. It is guaranteed to catch one's eye. If, on the other hand, you want the mirror to be the focal point of the bathroom, then it is advisable to choose tiles with colourful decors and arrange them exactly around the mirror to form an additional frame.

By now you know how to arrange your bathroom mirror so that it is a harmonious element that fits perfectly into the room. There are plenty of mirror models but it is worth taking some time to find the perfect one that underscores the style of the entire bathroom, while also being functional and elegant.