Top trends - colourful bathroom interiors

An interior full of patterns, colourful walls, multi-coloured décor - these catch words are more likely to be associated with decorating the living room or bedroom. Yet you can also arrange your bathroom using a multitude of colours. This article will provide you with useful ideas on how to design a colourful interior.

You will now learn:

  • how to arrange a bathroom in blue,
  • what colours go well in an exotic designed bathroom,
  • whether pastel colours look good in a bathroom.

Vivid colours in the bathroom seem to be an interesting idea if you are keen on making your bathing space more attractive. Especially, if you tend to go a little bit overboard and not afraid of combining diverse colours. But there are a few rules to be kept in mind to create an interesting, thoughtful design. Learn more on how to do this.

Vibrant colours for your bathroom - explore the way to a blue interior

A hue that would work perfectly in the bathroom is blue and shades of blue. It makes a popular colour motif, for example in the seascape. How, then, can it be used to create an original interior design?

The colours themselves are just the beginning! Every single detail of the ceramics are vital. The unique Curio collectionwill be the perfect choice for an unobvious industrial interior.

The intensity of blue in the Curio collection is an unquestionable asset, with its diverse shades interspersed with green and black tones. This gives the brick-shaped tiles a very retro, stylish, and urban flair. It is important, however, to use the tiles on one or two walls; otherwise, an overwhelming, dark effect could be achieved. These would be a great option in the shower area, for example, combined with bright tiles in the remaining part of the bathroom. This will ensure that the arrangement is harmoniously balanced.

Interior colours - exotic and Asian inspirations

Fashion and artisanship provide an excellent inspiration for a unique colour scheme in the bathroom. Ethnic motifs combined with earthy tones are the emphasis of the Goldgreen collection. Lavish ornaments blended with shades of green create an amazing and bright colour combination.

Vibrant colours for the bathroom are a perfect solution for both large and small interiors. They will bring a warm, positive atmosphere. Colourful ethnic décors and golden hues make the bathroom look particularly elegant. A colourful pattern on the wall or a mosaic accentuating the light-coloured fittings do the trick. It is a promising idea to combine an Asian colour scheme of green, orange and gold with natural furniture such as wood or rattan. Be sure to choose one colour for the entire décor. Here, green will work very well - a colour that falls between warm and cold, therfore obtaining the optimum balance in the particular room. You need to choose furniture that is free of ornamentation - the ceramics will certainly replace the accessories perfectly.

A pastel interior design – multi-coloured walls and floors

Are you looking for a unique interior colour scheme? Inspirations straight from the pastel colour palette make an unusual, slightly extravagant, but certainly gorgeous solution. Particularly if you combine several colours in a single space. Check out our Cielo e Terra collection, which will bring up countless design opportunities for you.

The pastel, bright and original tiles from this collection will surprise everyone. This is because they are distinguished not only by their unique colours, but also by their sizes - you can choose between small tiles or large-format tiles that will entirely transform the interior of your bathroom, according to your needs.

Balancing the stone

Play around with the colours and dimensions of the tiles as much as you like. You can use them to create a space in almost any style. Just be sure to match colourful tiles with muted coloured furniture. As part of it, a white range of fittings will work perfectly with any colour you choose.

Intense blue brick-inspired tiles combined with beige, vibrant colours, and patterns reminiscent of exotic countries, or pastels? Which interior colours suit your taste best? Choose the design that appeals to you most and create a colourful bathroom!