Wallpaper patterns in five styles - discover the fascinating images of nature

Up to now, the walls have only been a background for arrangements, and all the attention has been focused on furnishings and accessories? Then it is time to turn things around! Our collections will make walls in your appartement the leading protagonist, which can truly have a complex character. Take a look at our wallpaper patterns and explore a new dimension of decorativeness. Find out how to use wallpaper inspiration to create an original interior.

You will now learn:

  • how a ceramic painting inspired by wallpapper patterns in different shades of blue was created,
  • which expressive wallpaper patterns allow you to create an original interior full of bold colours,
  • how two contrasting flower- and leaf-patterned wallpapers were created,
  • how tiles with wallpaper patterns allow you to design a space perfect for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city,
  • how gradient colour transitions create an image inspired by wallpaper patterns.

The Tubądzin collections are like pieces of art! This is all owing to the intricately designed wallpaper patterns that have been transferred onto wall ceramics. The origins of wallpaper date back to the Renaissance. Over the centuries, methods of its manufacture have been refined. We have reached for wallpaper patterns and created extremely mesmerising and painting-like wall motifs.

Beautiful, magnificent flowers, and intriguing graphics. What wallpaper patterns can you find in our collections? Check out our five suggestions that will surely catch your eye !

1. Blue Stone - dipped in blue

Thanks to the wallpaper patterns, the wall becomes an artwork. In case of the Blue Stone collection, it turns into a large-format painting made of a four-part pattern. The décor of blue leaves covered with dewdrops will look great on a large and exposed wall surface, for example behind a free-standing washbasin or bathtub. It will be complemented by wall ceramics in burgundy and blue inspired by the bricks derived from the façade of the Spain Square in Seville, Spain.

Do you like sharply outlined wallpaper patterns?

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Blue Stone

2. Bloom Rose - a rose garden on the walls

The monochrome Bloom Rose pattern is reminiscent of a black and white picture of a garden bathed in contrasts. A change of perspective makes details become visible such as the delicacy of the petals, their irregular veining, the frayed nature of the leaves or the individual phases of bloom.

By means of modular, repeating patterns, you are able to create a unique, eye-catching interior. This is definitely an option for those who are looking for unique, distinctive ideas. So if you are not averse to striking accents and colours, the Bloom Rose is sure to make you happy.

Do you like sharply outlined wallpaper patterns?

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Bloom Rose

3. Tori Take - a unique Vaudeville show

In nature, great emotions can be evoked. The Tori Take's wallpaper designs are certainly no different. The exotic drawings look life-like and can transfer your thoughts to some fascinating destinations. As part of the Tori Take collection, you will find wallpaper designs that are:

  • explicit and delight with perfect detailing; these are floral three-piece décors featuring pink flowers and dignified peacocks,
  • subtle and gentle drawings of bamboo leaves that look like shadows cast on a white canvas.

Which option of the Tori Take wallpaper designs appeals to you most? Then choose it for your interior.

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Tori Take

4. Moor – Urban oasis

Are you looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Do you enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature? You can create your own private garden with the Moor collection. Its floral motifs daringly invade the space. Large planes are filled with a delicate pattern. Its intricate structure decorates the interior beautifully, restoring the balance between the realm of architecture and pure, intact nature.

The Moor collection's wallpaper patterns are available in two options

  • in the form of decorations, on which the drawing of exotic leaves occupies the entire surface of the wall ceramics,
  • in the form of a gentle mosaic, on which a soft, golden leaf motif is intertwined with grey tiles.

The Moor collection is kept in matte green tones and combined with glossy gold. This will make the walls look very natural as if streaks of soothing, joy-bringing sunshine could be seen between the leaves.

Do you want to create an oasis full of plants in your interior with wallpaper patterns?

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5. Heron - Daybreak by the lake

When designing the wallpaper collections, we employed a variety of artistic techniques. From painting through sketching to sculpting in clay. In case of the Heron collection, we used the soft pastel technique, which resulted in a unique, harmonious image.

Herons wading in the water or raising from the ground became the leading elements of the decoration. However, it is not only the dignified bird that catches the eye, but also the shaded background, which ranges from dark blue to white. As a result, the wallpaper pattern takes up the entire wall space, while the image itself looks like a real nature scenery.

Do you like the picturesque wallpaper patterns?

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Wallpaper patterns represent a trend that will be dominant in 2023! With these patterns, ceramics take on a new life and come to the fore. It becomes the main design element that sets the tone throughout the interior. Which wallpaper designs do you like best? Choose the one that works best for your bathroom.