Would tiles work on a floor in your living room? Find out the most important benefits of this solution

The living room is the most elegant place in every household. This is where most of the time is spent, not only with the family, but also with guests. The living room is also where all the important parties and celebrations are held. It is therefore worth ensuring that this space is both functional and pleasing. One of the decisions necessary to make when decorating your living room is to choose the flooring. Just remember that modern flooring for the living room includes more than just laminate, but also ceramics. Why should you opt for a tiled living room floor? Check out this article!

You will find out:

  • why tiles make a better solution than natural materials,
  • whether tiles could have a decorative purpose.

A living room covered with tiles is a solution that seems unusual. Most of us would rather settle for classic panels or carpets and rugs. A ceramic tiled living room floor can be the perfect highlight for your living room style. And this is all due to the extraordinary tiles from our brand's carefully designed collections. Find out why you should opt for tiled floors even in your living room!

Tiles or panels in the living room? Why ceramics make the best solution?

First of all, the functionality matters. When choosing a living room floor, you need to think about how it will be used and maintained. This is the space where social life will go on. The floor is exposed to abrasion, dirt and also to damage. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an option that is durable, easy to clean and provides comfort. Certainly, ceramic tiles in the living room meet all and any of these criteria.

Above all - unlike wood or natural stone - they are resistant to chemicals. As a result, tiles can be thoroughly cleaned of any dirt without damaging their surface. There is also no need to spend extra time on tedious maintenance.

Porcelain stoneware floors in the living room, such as those from the Marmo d'Oro collection, make an excellent choice if you are planning underfloor heating as the tiles are very good conductors. Stepping on warm tiles is pleasant so they can even successfully become a substitute for a carpet.

The old days when the selection of colour palettes for porcelain stoneware tiles was limited are gone. So there is nothing to prevent your floor ceramics from looking the way you dream of. It can be inspired by wood, precious stones such as marble, for example, and also stand out with unconventional patterns. Can a wooden floor be combined with tiles? This is also a perfect solution; however, it all depends on your taste, needs and imagination. You can also decide on tiles with design inspired by wood, such as those from the Boho collection by Maciej Zień.

Remember that the walls and floors in your living room should match the style according to which you are going to decorate the interior. If you have decided on a glamour living room, tiles inspired by an elegant check, such as those from the Timeless collection, are a good choice. Both the black and white check and the milky white porcelain stoneware are perfect for this type of interior. On the other hand, if you want to have a modern or industrial living room, it is advisable to choose ceramics inspired by the beauty of raw stone, such as tiles from the Grand Cave collection.

Both floor tiles such as panels and those resembling stone make a much more practical choice than natural materials. They are more durable, easier to maintain and sometimes even more aesthetically pleasing.