Large format tiles - discover a new large format!

Are you aware that a floor-to-ceiling space can contain... just one tile? The brand-new tile format from the Tubądzin Group has an impressive proportions as it is as big as 120×275 cm. It can be found as part of our new Monolith collections - Aquamarine, Pietra Blue and Impress, to name a few. Read the article to find out more about each one.

You will now learn:

  • what distinguishes the Aquamarine large-format tile collection,
  • about the inspiration behind the Pietra Blue collection,
  • why it is advisable to opt for large-format wall ceramics from the Impress collection.

Installing large-format tiles on the wall and floor provides an excellent solution for those who appreciate elegant and modern interiors. Such tiles are often used in homes featuring a contemporary design, where a feeling of space and luxury is desired. Porcelain stoneware has excellent performance properties - it is frost, moisture and heat resistant. Interestingly, it can even be set on façades, due to the TAS system. Explore our new format and new collections.

Inspired by the monumental ocean waters or beautiful natural stones combined with a striking large tile format – according to our designers, this is one of the best solutions to get the wow effect in interiors! Find out more about three collections you can choose from to create it.

1. Large format tiles inspired by beauty of the Pacific Ocean – the Aquamarine collection

Those who have seen vastness of ocean at least once in their lifetime, know that its beauty is breath-taking – especially when it comes to the largest and deepest one, which is the Pacific Ocean.

When witnessing it, one can notice that it changes colour depending on the time of day. In the morning, when the sun rises, the waves illuminated by the sun's rays begin to take on shades of gold, lifting the veil of secrecy behind its fascinating underwater world. The harmony and sense of admiration that engulf a person into such a monumental element was the stimulus for the Aquamarine large-format tile collection in a shade of blue.

In the night, water is impenetrably black, reflecting the ghostly light of the moon. These true colours of the elemental ocean can also be admired through the Aquamarine collection. Installing large-format black tiles is a great idea if you want to retain the beauty of the ocean's nocturnal side at home.

Are you impressed by the tiles that pay homage to ocean beauty?

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2. A large-format tile – Adriatic marble as the Pietra Blue collection inspiration

Suppose you had large-format tiles inspired by the stone that made up the columns in the White House? If you opt for wall ceramics from the Pietra Blue collection, you can do it!
Phenomenal white marble that inspired these tiles comes from the Croatian island of Brac, located in the Adriatic Sea.

The façades of buildings on the shores of the Adriatic sparkle with the sun's rays reflected in the sea. This is how a magnificent spectacle is created that delights tourists. This effect inspired us to create a blue and golden veins on the immaculate white tiles, which gives them a unique flair.

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Pietra Blue

3. Impress – large-format wall tiles that make an impression

Patagonian quartzite is a material that is known as a treasure of Brazil; it has outstanding decorative qualities. This natural stone stands out for its wealth of unique patterns and colours, which come out with the ever-changing intensity of the light reflections falling on it.

This effect has been transferred to the Impress large-format tile collection. Amazing patterns, which appear on the wall ceramics, are not disturbed by joints thanks to the large dimensions of the tiles. Importantly, fewer joints also mean that the height of the room is not visually restricted.

Would you like to learn more about a collection inspired by the beauty of Patagonian quartzite?

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Spectacular new collections – Aquamarine, Pietra Blue and Impress – make an excellent selection for modern interiors! Each includes large-format tiles in the new, larger 120×275 cm format. Go for them to get a unique arrangement.

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