Bathroom decorations – enrich your design with the gleam of precious metals

For thousands of years, precious metals have provided good style and unique atmosphere to interiors. Even if today rather no-one lines the walls with genuine gold or silver, enriching the interior with elements in these colours is a very fashionable way to design an elegant interior. It works out especially well as bathroom decorations, which lend the room chic and elegance. Learn more on how to furnish the bathroom with silver or golden decorative tiles.

Read this text and find out:

  • how to select decorations for a bathroom in light colours,
  • whether black and gold make a good combination in the bathroom,
  • how to make your bathroom flashy with a decorative strip between the tiles.

Decorative tiles from our range have various shades of gold and silver, original textures and are available in several shapes. You definitely have a lot to choose from! Below you can read about exactly which wall decorations to choose from and how to match them to the interior.

Golden tiles – bathroom decorations in bright colours

Do you think that gold fits only interiors of baroque palaces? It is time to change this state of mind! Modern bathroom decorations in this colour are one of the interior design hits of the recent seasons. No wonder – golden tiles suitable for the interior make the space multi-dimensional and very elegant. The attractive gloss of ceramics inspired by natural ore will perfectly match the low-key monochromatic base of tiles in the shades of white, beige and grey.

Check the Tokyo Sheen collection, whose designer is Maciej Zień. He proposed even two types of mosaics in the shades of gold.

  • Sheen Gold – hexagon-shaped tiles in the colour of vintage gold. Their texture is slightly reminiscent of a worn wallpaper. They look especially impressive as the covering of an entire wall or a large section of the wall. They lend the interior unobvious elegance and perfectly match with bright-coloured base tiles and white fittings.
  • Sheen Copper – an extraordinary mosaic in the shape of a fish scales with elements in beige and gold colours. Its characteristic feature is the mirror surface, which reflects the light in an attractive fashion.

Golden decoration – bathroom in dark marble

A black bathroom decoration is a good idea but what if you choose black as the dominant colour in the interior? This is a solution for those who dare and it goes well with golden bathroom decoration.

It is exactly the combination featured in the subsequent collections by Maciej Zień. The dark Black Pulpis porcelain tiles are inspired by natural marble, therefore each and every one of them displays attractive irregular veins on the surface. Their glossy finish lends the walls
and floor a timeless style. When combined with the Gleam Gold wall decoration from the Monaco Gleam collection, you will get a unique recipe for an exclusive interior.

If such a design brings something to your mind, let us give you a hint – the author himself describes Monaco Gleam as "a crazy trip to the 1970s, to a dreamland of luxury. A combination of casino, summer nights and Formula 1. Surprising, yet fascinating." Such an atmosphere in your own bathroom... tempting, isn’t it?

Decorative strips between tiles – a recipe for an original decoration

Decorative bathroom tiles along the entire wall or its fragment make for a very attractive solution; however, if you are looking for a slightly more subtle option, we have something for you too. You will achieve a gentle effect, as you use the decorative strip in gold or silver colours between tiles.

  • Golden decorative strips

The golden version is a perfect idea for interiors which need a distinct touch. They will work out well when combined with the large-format black tiles of the Black Pulpis collection. Both the strips of the same collection and other golden accessories will neatly present themselves in the background.

  • Silver bathroom decorations

If your prefer silver over gold, we have a bathroom design option for you too! Silver strips make an interesting alternative to gold in the bathroom, which will work out well when combined with multiple colours, especially with white and grey. It will be ideal for low-key interiors, which are elegant and very modern.

A bathroom with a decorative elements is a great idea for a modern interior, which will make a lasting impression on each and every guest and... yourself when having a relaxing bath. If you are a fan of original designs, you should also check out our inspirations with kitchen decorations.