Decorative wall tiles for any interior – find out how to decorate spaces in an original way

Wood, stone or maybe concrete? These are materials with which you will create an attractive design of the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom walls. Quite simply, any interior! The easiest way to achieve the desired effect is with ceramic tiles and wall decorations. Check which motifs suit many rooms.

Read this text to find out:

  • how to decorate the wall in any room with wood-like tiles,
  • in which interiors concrete or stone tiles will work out well on the walls,
  • how to decorate any room with wall decorations such as a pictures.

Many people when furnishing their bathrooms choose one element to finish it with, which will lend it a distinctive character. Sometimes it is an ornamental decoration on the wall, other times it involves a larger space with decorative tiles characterised by a distinctive picture. Why not decorate the walls in the other rooms this way too: the kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway? Check our design ideas, which incorporate decorative wall tiles and suit various interiors.

Wood motif – wall decoration for the living room, bathroom, hallway and other interiors

Modern interior inspirations frequently refer to nature and its colour pallet.
This trend is perfectly followed by wooden decorations or, simply, wall tiles reminiscent of wood. The ones from our Wood collection are hard to distinguish from natural wooden planks!

Porcelain tiles with a wood texture on the wall will effectively complete a Scandinavian, rustic or even modern design and, most importantly, they will go with any other material in the room. Stone, glass, steel or ornamental textiles perfectly fit the colour of wood, be it in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom.

Complement the decorative tiles on the wall with the same floor and choose a total wooden look or get crazy and combine wood-look porcelain with another material, for instance raw concrete.

Decorative tiles for the living room, bathroom or hallway – stone or concrete look

Another way to create an original design in various rooms are porcelain tiles reminiscent of natural stone or concrete wall tiles. These solutions will work out well in modern interiors.

  • Tiles like stone

It is hard to find another material so diverse in terms of colours and patterns like stone. Dark
and light marbles and granites will match any design – modern, minimalist, classic and even glamour, with a touch of palace luxury. Currently, expensive stone is replaced with tiles which, thanks to their irregular texture, are strikingly similar to this natural raw material. For example, note the tiles from the Scoglio Grigio collection by Maciej Zień, perfect for enthusiasts of low-profile interiors in grey. Their extraordinary design refers to the stonemason tradition and perfectly exposes the aesthetics of genuine stone.

  • Tiles reminiscent of stone

Concrete, or in our interpretation porcelain tiles that resemble it, has been the material of choice for raw industrial interiors. Its cool and minimalist design is an ideal background for extravagance, for instance in the form of bright accessories or designer gadgets. If you are dreaming of a home styled like a modern loft, the concrete-like tiles in the bathroom, living room or kitchen will be an ideal base for your design – go for our Epoxy collection.

Wall decorations like a picture – a recipe for an original wall ornament

The wall covered in tiles reminiscent of wood, concrete or stone is a great idea for many modern interiors. However, if you are looking for something really special, which will work out well as a wall decoration in the living room, bathroom or kitchen, choose the Nictate or London Piccadilly ceramics; these tiles look like genuine works of art!

The first of the above mentioned collections offers you a wall decoration with a retro motif. Its floral pattern is a reference to the imaginative ornaments, which can be observed in Middle Eastern design. The Nictate decorations lend interiors a luxurious character with a touch of mystery – due to the delicate abrasion effect wilfully applied to the tile. This collection will work out well in a classic design.

On the other hand, the London Piccadilly collection by Maciej Zień features a decoration resembling a picture or photo-wallpaper – an attractive "jigsaw puzzle" consisting of several pieces, which depicts the Big Ben and is ideal for a modern interior in big-city style.

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Various textures, colours, pictures and sizes of wall ornaments for the living room, bathroom and other interiors provide multiple options for decoration. Consider what effect you wish to achieve and choose such decorative elements that will be the icing on the cake of any room, thanks to an effective design.