Decorative wall tiles like wallpaper. Be amazed by the unique designs

Are you a fan of patterned wallpapers, which bring to life every interior and lend it an individual character? If so, you will certainly like our inspirations, thanks to which you will be able to produce a similar effect in your bathroom. This is possible with decorative wall tiles with a wallpaper-look!

Read this text and find out:

  • how to create geometric patterns on bathroom walls,
  • how to use decorative wall tiles to design the bathroom with a floral motif,
  • how to produce a wallpaper effect in the bathroom.

Various textures, colours, shapes and sizes – wall decorations provide multiple options in the bathroom. Properly selected tiles will underline, vary and enrich your design, regardless of the interior style you choose. Do not hesitate to try out bold colour combinations, textures or sizes of base tiles and tile decoration. A creative approach to finishing the walls will, certainly, result in a dynamic and original interior.

Decorative wall tiles – choose geometric patterns

What does your favourite wallpaper you have on the wall of the living room or bedroom look like? If you are an enthusiast of interior design and follow the latest trends, you fancy geometric patterns in all likelihood, which are the quintessence of the modern approach to decorative motifs on walls.

The same trends are observed in the bathroom. Geometric tiles prove a great decoration in any design favouring modern aesthetics and harmony. To achieve the best result, combine the low-key base with contrasting decorative tiles. You will produce such an effect with ceramics from the Paris Saint Germain collection, for instance. This is one of the most interesting collection inspired by the fashion capital city of the world, designed by Maciej Zień. The capital city of France, full of romantic nooks and crannies and refined taste, became the source of inspiration for the famous fashion designer. The tile decoration from this collection is its most distinctive feature. Just take a look at the picture!

If you are an enthusiast of geometric patterns but are looking for something uniformly coloured for your bathroom, check the Lucid Black mosaic. It features peculiar square-shaped pieces. They create a 3D wallpaper effect, which will reflect the light in an attractive way.

Bathroom tiles – floral decoration

If modern geometry is not exactly your cup of tea, and nature is closer to your heart, we have an ideal proposition for you based on decorative wall tiles. The ceramics from the Modern Pearl collection is a design shift to the wilderness. Colourful birds, flowers and natural light reflecting in the tiles guarantee an ideal background for you to unwind after a hard day. Your bathroom will become a place where you will relax and feast your eyes on this extraordinary motif every day.

Decide for yourself, which section of the wall will be covered in the decorative and which in the classic tile. However, remember that the ornament is best positioned where it stands out, for instance on the wall parallel to the entrance door

Decorative wall tiles like wallpaper

You already know that you can use decorative wall tiles as an easy way to introduce multiple motifs to your bathroom, which bring room wallpapers to mind. How about a decoration imitating a trendy wallpaper? This is a great solution for enthusiasts of art and architecture. The great advantages of such pictures on tiles is that they create the impression of depth in the interior and catch your eye.

The photo-wallpaper or picture effect can be produced with decorative tiles which feature a photograph, for instance:

  • Big Ben from the London Piccadilly collection, which is an extraordinary 6-element wall decoration printed with London’s most famous icon,
  • Marylin, which is a picture depicting a woman on 4 separate tiles from the Berlin Tempelhof collection.

Are you looking for more inspirations for unusual wall finishes? Also check our ideas for using kitchen decorations.