Grey hallway – create a low-key and elegant design thanks to floor tiles

Dirty shoes, wet umbrellas, bikes, lots of shopping bags and cardboard boxes, everyday contact with shoewear of various types – both the walls and floor in the hallway have a very difficult task. Additionally, it is the first room you and your guests see entering your home. Taking into account the conditions and needs related to this room, a grey hallway can prove one of the most practical and universal solutions. See why!

Read this text and find out:

  • why a grey hallway is a great idea,
  • which designs in the other household interiors go well with a grey hallway,
  • what may inspire you while furnishing the hallway,
  • which other colours match a grey hallway.

Let’s make one thing clear: we do not take any other materials but porcelain tiles into account. We think that porcelain in the hallway is the absolutely best design solution, which is aesthetically appealing and functional for years to come.

Which designs go well with a grey hallway?

The good news is: practically all designs go well. Grey is one of the most universal colours, therefore, it blends in unobtrusively with the other interiors. Irrespective of whether you go for traditional wood, glamour, boho or a nautical style. A grey hallway in your home will always work like a charm. You can’t expect anything less from this colour, which symbolises balance and tranquillity.

In addition, grey is one of the most neutral colours; as a result, it proves the best background for other colours.

Grey hallway. Inspiration

However, the nature of grey depends on what it was inspired by (which affects, for instance, the colour or texture). Its shade is of equal importance: whether we choose to have a light or dark interior. Equally important is the decision whether grey is to be dominant or complementary to white, for instance.

Below we present you with several design ideas from our range.

  • Urban concrete

If you fancy a city or post-industrial atmosphere, tiles inspired by concrete are the ones of choice for you! They have a uniform texture, thanks to which the interior acquires an interesting finish. Such tiles for the hallway wall and floor are decorative by themselves. As you know, the hallway, especially a narrow one, should be furnished as minimalist as can be. An example of tiles which will work out well for this design is the Epoxy collection by MONOLITH. Their surface is not entirely uniform and thanks to its large format, you will avoid excess joints, which are difficult to keep clean in a room such as the hallway.

  • Durable stone

Stone is associated with nature, but more so it has a cold and raw image (unlike wood). At the same time, it has strong associations with durability, longevity and strength. Resistance to damaging and soiling are features which will work out well in the hallway, whereas the extraordinary design of the stone-inspired tiles will impress your guests the moment they step inside.

  • White and grey hallway

Grey does not have to go alone, as it can serve as a minor element. A simple, elegant
and timeless idea for the combination of grey and white are tiles inspired by marble, for instance from the Pietrasanta or Speccio Carrara collection. Both collections differ in the pattern of grey veins on the surface. If you wish to go for more grey, choose the Speccio Carrara collection, created in collaboration with Maciej Zień. If you have a large hallway, go ahead and combine these tiles with dark colours! It will give the interior depth and originality.

Which other colours go well with the grey hallway?

Grey tiles in the hallway are rarely used on their own. It is good to add some colourful touch to enliven the interior. But which one...?

Luckily, grey goes with the majority of other colours and shades, which allows you creative freedom. If you wish to enrich the grey tiles in the hallway with colours, you can, for instance, choose:

  • dark bottle green – a beautiful contrast between the city and nature,
  • neon accessories – nothing is more enlivening than juicy colours,
  • pastels – they will alleviate the raw atmosphere and make the interior look warmer,
  • wood-look tiles – as the world is about opposites!