Wood-look tiles – The hallway furnished in harmony with nature

There is probably no-one who would not like wooden interiors and ornaments. In recent years, we have come to not only love but also to care for wood and the environment as a whole. We pursue a conscious approach to shopping and spaces we occupy. This is precisely the reason why wood-look tiles in hallways and apartments are a great option. They allow you to tap into the beauty inspired by the natural material, without interfering with the environment.

Read this text and find out:

  • why wood-look tiles in hallways become more and more popular,
  • how wood-look tiles are similar to wood.
  • in which interiors wood-look tiles will work out well,
  • what to combine with wood-look tiles in hallways.

Recently, we have come to appreciate the opportunity to associate with nature. It is nature that lets us be in the moment. We guess that you have come to appreciate it too, more than ever before. There’s nothing that gets in the way for you to implement some of its elements in your interior – e.g. in the shape of wood-look tiles in the hallway. We will tell you how to bring nature to your home for many beautiful years to come.

Wood-look tiles in the hallway – find out about their advantages!

Wood-look tiles in the hallway can be made of both ceramics or porcelain. However, we value the incredible durability of porcelain; therefore, all the collections by Korzilius – which are inspired by wood and nature – are made of porcelain. This enables us to guarantee you such qualities as:

  • resistance to abrasion,
  • ease of cleaning,
  • resistance to water and soiling,
  • long-term durability.

We go for the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic values.

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Wood-look hallway tiles – how do they resemble wood?

What is important in tiles for the hallway and other rooms is that, at first or even second glance, it should be difficult to distinguish them from natural wood.

Their colour, texture – all of it is essential. Our range features wood-look tiles in different colours. Therefore, you will be able to match it to any design concept:

  • bright grey wood is a great idea for a minimalist hallway in Scandinavian style,
  • antiquated wood-like tiles are perfect for a rustic hallway,
  • tiles in the colour of dark nut or wenge are a great idea for a large hallways,
    combined with other dark-coloured tiles they will tap into the glamour style perfectly.

Note that thanks to the various formats of wood-like tiles, you can arrange them in the traditional herringbone pattern.

Wood-look tiles in hallways – can you combine them with the rest of your home?

But of course! That’s the beauty of wood-look tiles. A hallway designed with such tiles is very easy to match with the remaining interior. This is especially important regarding open living areas.

An enormous advantage of wood-look tiles in hallways is that the same tiles can be used in the living room, bedroom and even bathroom or kitchen. This will enable you to avoid lines
and divisions of the space. One benefit is that the room will appear to be optically enlarged! The trick is worth keeping in mind, especially when you have a narrow hallway and small apartment.

Additionally, you can choose an original and very peculiar combination of wood with, for instance, brick or beautiful tiles inspired by hexagon-shaped stone. It proves a very fashionable and universal design solution.

Go ahead and play with such combinations to customise your interior. This is what wood-look tiles are for. Whereas the hallway is intended to ensure complete functionality and beautiful refined look, being the showcase of your household that it is!