How to combine white and wood in an interior? Discover wood-coloured tiles

Interiors where white and wood triuph are unique and timeless. This combination never goes out of fashion, as it can brighten up any room and give it a unique chic vibe. However, wood is not always a practical solution for a home, not least when it comes to using it on floors in moisture-laden rooms. Luckily, wood-coloured tiles are here to help. Do you need unique inspiration for a modern white interior with lightly wood-coloured floor ceramics? Then read our article!

You will now learn:

  • how to decorate a boho interior with wooden details,
  • how to design an interior with an idyllic flair,
  • how to design a bedroom full of authenticity.

White interiors are an excellent way to decorate both larger and smaller spaces. White works very well both in private spaces and those intended for all family members and their guests. Much depends, however, on what you decide to complement this white with. Wood inspirations are a practical solution. Check out some of the ideas by Tubądzin's designers, who have created phenomenal collections full of warmth and cosiness.

How to arrange a boho kitchen? Bright wood and blue décor - our way to a boho look

The boho style is associated with nature, space, and delicate nature-inspired accessories. It is also not partial to white and wood. This combination would look great in the kitchen, for example.

It is necessary to keep in mind that...

such an interior should be enriched with additional colours, e.g., subtle, and delicate blue. Look out for the Boho collection designed by Maciej Zień, in which casual style intertwines with nature.

How to begin decorating a white and wooden Boho kitchen? Firstly, you need to consider what you want the furnishings in this room to look like.

White furniture with wood (e.g., on the cabinet tops) is a combination that works well in a kitchen with a dining area. With this combination, you will achieve an aesthetically pleasing, bright interior, to which appropriate ceramics can easily be matched. Instead of white wood for the wall, which suits the boho style but may be impractical especially in the working area of the kitchen, you can opt for tiles styled like this. This is because they are much easier to clean. You can combine them with blue mosaics, which will compliment the Boho style but also go well with both white and wood.

Ceramics instead of white wood in the bathroom? Check out our selection

Are you looking for a phenomenal bathroom idea? White tiles and wood make a solution that will work perfectly. If you opt for the Mild Garden collection, you can additionally enjoy floral patterns, which will complement the light-coloured tiles as well as the wood-coloured ones.

For those who want to enjoy white wood, but do not feel like taking on its long-term maintenance and cleaning, ceramics that resemble, for example, bleached oak or other types of wood can be an option. This will create a bright bathing room in which a long bath can bring a sense of relaxation. A clever idea is to combine white and wood with delicate gold ornaments and floral motifs, which make the interior even cosier.

Modern interiors in white and wood - let us decorate your bedroom

The bedroom is a space meant for relaxation. It needs to be cosy and should be decorated in calm tones. A combination of white and wooden elements will work perfectly. White will make the interior look neat and bright, while wood will visibly warm it up. A good solution for the bedroom are ceramic tiles, which bring chic and elegance, such as those from the Mountain Ash collection by Korzilius.

It is worth mentioning the excellent imitation of the wood texture on the surface of the tiles. The graphics, made with the utmost care, allow you to use a combination of stoneware and wood with no fear of perceiving any discrepancies in the appearance of the natural material and the ceramics. For such a bedroom arrangement, classic furniture made of solid wood, which makes the interior even cosier can be chosen. Linen bedding in white or beige will also work well, it will harmonise with the bright ceramics.

Modern white interiors, like classic ones, are solutions with a unique harmony. They are balanced compositions that focus primarily on brightness and warmth. Discover this and create a home where white and wood are at the forefront.