How to make a small bathroom look bigger?

A small bathroom remains a room in which as much time as necessary is spent. It is not easy to relax in such a small space. However, it does not always be the case. It turns out that a small bathroom can be a perfect place to take a rest. All you need to do is arrange it with the appropriate colours and style. So how can you make a small bathroom look bigger? Here are our tips!

You will now learn:

  • why a white bathroom is a terrific solution to make your interior look bigger,
  • whether it is a good idea to use tiles with a three-dimensional texture,
  • how to introduce contrasts into a small bathroom.

Whether your bathroom is a tiny loft space or simply a small walk-in shower room, you can successfully make it look more spacious than it is. You do not even have to give up the decorative nature of it. This is how to optically enlarge your bathroom and at the same time ensure that it is a perfectly decorated space that gladdens the eyes. Read our article and find out which tips work best for your interior.

How to enlarge a bathroom optically with bright colours

Using bright colours is the best way to enlarge a bathroom and without knocking down any walls you will increase its size for real. A simple coat of paint can help, but for a spectacular and truly satisfying effect, you should opt for tiles. An excellent choice would be the tiles from the All In White collection.

Their great advantage is that they are so varied while maintaining a consistent colour scheme. Patterns derived from nature combined with beautiful organic structures will make even a small interior look amazing. Subtle decorations add variety to the layout. These tiles should be matched with diffused light, which will add a soft, bright glow to the interior.

Can a small bathroom be optically enlarged by using textures? Why not!

Not only are white colours and simple tile structures a viable choice for optically enlarging a small bathroom. Shades of grey turning into an extremely luminous, delicately green colour will also work perfectly. Such tiles featuring an unusual, patterned structure can be found in the Curio collection.

These are unique because of their unusual, bright, and warm colours, as well as their structure. When used appropriately, the décors add dynamism to the interior and make it appear much more spacious. This makes the bathroom interior look incredibly fresh and modern, as well as larger.

How to enlarge a small bathroom by means of contrasts?

A desire to optically enlarge a small bathroom does not mean that you must cast aside darker colours alltogether. What you do need to consider, however, is not to opt for deep blacks, but to find the balance between light and dark colour tiles. In the Coma collection, you will find tiles of a warm, almost white colour, combined with a compelling navy blue, reminiscent of the deep sea. This combination will evoke positive optical images that make the room appear larger.

The three-dimensional decoration of the tiles from this collection, combined with contrasts, will bring an excellent effect, and add variety to the interior design. Furthermore, if you cover the walls with alternating light and dark tiles, the low ceiling in a small bathroom will seem much higher.

A washroom arranged in this way will certainly no longer appear small. Optical bathroom enlargement can be done with more than just classic white tiles. This means you do not have to give up on a fancy interior!