What to choose for the wall in the hallway? Tiles to make a lasting impression

Splashed, scratched, soiled – such can be the hallway wall even after a short time of use. But it does not have to be this way! It suffices to choose such a finish of the hallway walls, which is resistant to damage due to difficult conditions in this room. It is worth it – in the end, the hallway is the showcase of your household! See what wall tiles to choose from for your hallway for the effect to be delightful!

Read this text to find out:

  • why lay tiles on the hallway wall,
  • what to keep in mind while choosing decorative tiles for the hallway wall,
  • what tiles to choose for the hallway wall.

You might think that porcelain in the hallway is only suitable for the floor. It turns out, however, that porcelain on the hallway wall is also an excellent solution. Not only will it provide you with complete functionality of the space but it will still look beautiful after years of use as it does on the day of installation. Mud marks or water dripping from clothes will do it no harm. Therefore, if you are wondering what to choose for the wall in the hallway to protect it against damage, let us quickly present you with several really interesting options. All of them are timeless and follow recent trends at the same time!

Tiles for the hallway wall – why is it a highly functional solution?

The tiles for the hallway wall combine practical and aesthetic aspects. In addition, they will work out well if you are searching for inspiration how to furnish a narrow hallway. If you choose, large-format bright tiles, for instance, you will reduce the number of joints and create an almost smooth surface to beautifully illuminate the interior.

It is worth starting from the general advantages of porcelain in the hallway wall. They are as follows:

  1. Resistance and durability
    You enter your home and kick off the shoes, which bounce off the wall. You bring your bike in and lean it against the wall. You take off your jacket, which is wet as it has been raining. You come back from shopping and put aside many bags, leaning them against the wall. All of the above result in smudges, dirt and scratches on the wall.

    You will avoid that if you choose to install tiles on the hallway wall. Porcelain is resistant to water and scratches, so your hallway will always look neat.

  2. Ease of cleaning
    Resistance to scratches does not guarantee cleanliness at all times. A shoe caked with mud is bound to leave its mark on porcelain. Then what? A damp cloth and mild detergent suffice for the porcelain on the hallway wall to look as good as new.

  3. Diversity
    Each hallway is different and what works out well in one household will not necessarily work out in another. Luckily, our collections of porcelain tiles provide many different options. They feature smooth and matt tiles, as well as patterned and glossy ones. Additionally, we offer a variety of formats within our collections, which give you the possibility to choose the one that will work out best in your hallway.

Which tiles to choose for the hallway wall? Inspiration

Now that you know why it is a good idea to install tiles on the hallway walls, check our ideas for wall tiles. Your hallway deserves an exceptional atmosphere. Our designs are based on interesting colours, sophisticated materials and curious textures.

Bright-coloured tiles for the hallway wall

Our range features multiple bright-coloured tiles for the hallway wall and then some. On the one hand, you can select large smooth pastel porcelain tiles from the Cielo e Terra collection, created by the designer Dorota Koziara. These warm tiles, inspired by natural colours, will work out well in the hallway and smoothly complement the décor of the other rooms.

Another proposition from the glamour category are large-format porcelain tiles from the Pietrasanta collection by MONOLITH. They are entirely inspired by marble and it is really very difficult to distinguish them from this precious material. The white background punctuated with delicate grey veins can be combined with bright wood or metal accessories. In both versions, your interior will look just perfect.

What to choose for the hallway wall – dark-coloured design for the brave

Dark colours lend the interior depth and make an original background for furniture and other ornaments. However, before you make up your mind, make sure that your hallway is big enough and well-lit so that the interior does not become dark and dingy, which will certainly not make a good impression.

If you select dark tiles for the hallway wall, go for the glossy versions. They will reflect the light in an attractive fashion. Our range features such collections as Duke Stone and Amber Vein from the Grand Beauty line, designed in collaboration with Maciej Zień

Colourful and patterned tiles for the hallway wall

Bright, dark... these are just some options you can choose from. Now, we would like to present you with two more distinctive options of non-standard colours, providing an unexpected finish of the interior with geometric shapes. Such decorative tiles for the hallway wall will be a smash hit!

You go for mundane solutions, don’t you? Choose attractive mosaics inspired by the beauty of one of the most colourful capital cities of Europe – Barcelona. As Maciej Zień, the author of this collection, says, Barcelona is an endless source of inspiration. Colours and patterns galore, intricately arranged mosaics and monumental buildings – it is not only a feast for the eyes but also gives a strong creative impulse. If you wish to feel these forces in your home interior, decorate the hallway wall with such tiles. Their deep colour will certainly distinguish them from other options and lend summer lightness. In a nutshell, indulge yourself to play with colour and form worthy of the Catalan capital.

Dark colours, with a slightly industrial character of the collection and intriguing triangular decorations. For those who dare – a solution for a dominant hallway wall. For those who discover their crazy side every day – only for a part of the wall. In both versions, the interior will catch your eye and amaze you with its originality. You will need no additional decorations!

Wood-inspired porcelain for the hallway wall

Wood-look tiles for the hallway wrap you with warmth from the moment you step inside. In addition, they are a recipe for a noble, non-invasive and neat finish of the interior. As well as for the connection to other rooms in the house or appartment. If you are interested in this idea, you must check the range of the Korzilius brand, which offers beautiful wood-look porcelain tiles.

If you wish to pursue your inspiration, aside from the tiles inspired by wood, you might choose unique wall pictures made of ceramic tiles. Like the one with a view of the forest, for instance, from our All in White collection. An ideal finish and decoration in one. A concept for slightly larger spaces!

Do you already have an idea for the tiles you will install on the hallway walls? We hope you do. Browse our inspiring range and bring the vibe of Tubądzin to your interior!