White Opal - a picture painted by nature

Imagine a bird's eye view of the Australian coastline. Various shades of blue seawater passing in winding lines into the white of the sand and darker layers of land... Now, let’s change the perspective into a maximum close-up. Look at a patch of opal, onyx or agate against the light to see the familiar drawing of the Australian shoreline. This is the pattern that we have used in our latest White Opal large format tile collection.

A stone that has become a jewel

As part of the latest collection designed by the TU_collective team of architects, a stunning work done by... nature itself can be admired. The designer Katarzyna Malinowska decided that a work created by nature - a precious stone - should speak for itself. Soothing lines in milky white to dark grey shades transferred onto the bathroom tile create a reflective mood in the interior; they bring peace, harmony and warmth. It is time to get to know the White Opal Collection better and closer.

"The starting point in my quest for the perfect pattern for my tiles was Australian stones. The undulating patterns hidden inside opals, agates and onyxes made me think of the Australian coast. This correlation gave me no rest and encouraged me to explore further" - admits the designer.

The selection of the right drawing resembled a jeweller's effort to extract all the beauty and charm from the mineral. "Since the true beauty of a stone does not require excessive ornamentation, the main protagonist of the White Opal Collection is the drawing of the stone transferred onto large- format 120 × 240 cm and 120 × 120 cm tiles. This way our attention is focused on what is the most important - the pattern of the growing mineral matrix, which is resulting not from human activity but from eternal geological processes," explains Katarzyna Malinowska.

"By using the knowledge and technology of the Tubądzin Group, the deep structure of the stone, applying successive graphic elements to the light surface of the tile, was reconstructed. Its glassy finish emphasized the three-dimensional nature of the tile and shifted the final impression towards noble luminosity. Shades of blue and grey, sometimes turning into violet and brown, allowed to refer to the sources of my inspiration - precious stones from Australia: agate, onyx, opal" - says Katarzyna Malinowska.

White Opal tiles in white and grey do not seem to be cold. Soft lines and translucent shades of cream that flow smoothly into brown and even violet bring an atmosphere of intimacy, cosiness, and peace to the interior. The glossy surface further softens the harshness of the stone design. Such a bathroom is perfect for relaxation, meditation and calming down after a hard day.

Elegance enchanted in stone

Despite the calm and subdued effect, White Opal tiles are far from being monotonous. The large-format drawing of a stone with all its irregularities and striking lines makes a unique and impressive decoration of the room. Each tile is a coherent, integrated entirety, a separate and finite composition, which, however, can smoothly transition into the next one located on the neighbouring tile. Patterns drawn by nature can be contemplated and analysed like a work of art in a gallery. " They represent an essence of our existence and passing of time. The durable, eternal matter encapsulated the dynamics of turbulent transformations just like the history of mankind through the ages," explains Katarzyna Malinowska.

The White Opal Collection tiles will look equally impressive on the wall or on the floor; these can be also used on all surfaces as part of a total look. Nothing else is needed in such an arrangement; only a few minimalist accessories, which will not overshadow the beauty of the background, will do.

High-gloss tiles that remind of a polished stone surface are also perfect for luxurious palace interiors in glamour style. Innovative treatment of the stone pattern will enable creating an extraordinary interior, extremely elegant and delighting with its originality.

Indulge yourself in the pleasure of unconventional discoveries. Look wider at familiar landscapes or come closer to what has been in the distance so far. Change your perspective and you will see the essence of nature's beauty, in which you can make yourself surrounded at home. Let White Opal tiles be your invitation to this wonderful world, full of inspiration and delight.