Wood like tiles on the bathroom walls

Wall wood is a very striking solution, but it will not work in every room. After all, it is hard to imagine natural planks in a bathroom, where all surfaces are exposed to moisture all the time. Fortunately, as a fan of wood walls, you do not need to give up on your interior design dreams at all. You can rely on striking ceramic tiles that impress with their natural plank pattern.

You will learn:

  • the reasons why it is recommended to decide on ceramics in the bathroom, which would enable you to arrange the walls with a wood pattern,
  • the reasons why the Tubądzin tiles perfectly replace natural wood,
  • the reasons for using tile collections that work best with wooden wall finishes.

Wall wood is an extremely popular finishing material that has been applied in interior designs for hundreds of years. It is particularly praised by many people for its beautiful, natural aesthetics. The ceramic tiles from our range also offer such qualities.

Ceramic tiles instead of a wood wall - the biggest benefits

Tiles that resemble wall-mounted wooden planks provide a modern way to combine a striking appearance with practicality. Such a solution is suitable for various arrangements - especially rustic or Scandinavian ones, where natural materials or natural patterns are dominant.

Wood-like tiles make a particularly good idea for bathrooms, where the walls are exposed to moisture daily. With a selection of ceramics, you can enjoy hassle-free maintenance of the wall covering in perfect condition - without time-consuming and costly protection and without fear of the occurrence of mould or other damage. All of this can be enjoyed with excellent design!

Tiles that can replace wood with dignity can be used on the bathroom walls or parts of them (e.g. near the sink or in the shower), as well as on the floor. The options are unlimited!

Wood-like tiles on the walls - how do they resemble a natural material?

Our tiles, which can be applied instead of wood on the wall or floor, perfectly reflect the beauty of the natural material in terms of colour and texture. You can choose from a variety of wood-look ceramics in different colours, so you can easily match them to your design ideas.

Remarkably, due to the different formats and drawings of the tiles, you can arrange them in a traditional herringbone pattern or as lamellae.

Lamellae tiles or wood mosaic for the wall - which collections to be considered?

Are you wondering which collections to search for in tiles that will create a natural wood effect on your bathroom walls? Check out our novelties:

The collection includes wall tiles in different colours, décors with a pattern of a palm tree imprinted on the stone, geometric mosaics and square universal tiles. Sedona is a journey to the stored memories of Lanzarote, a unique place in the Canary Islands archipelago. The wave of these inspirations led to the creation of exotic black ceramics with a matt finish, which contrasts perfectly with the three-dimensional herringbone effect, well known in Poland. This combination creates a cosy effect in the bathroom.

The Rochelle collection includes…

wall, decorative and universal tiles. Subtle wood structures are combined with stone and a floral touch of poppies. The entire collection combines warm beige and cool grey into a single cohesive image. It is framed by lamellae which, although ceramic, subtly bring the cosy charm of wood to the wall.

The theme of the Liberte collection is…

magnolia bush. Its flowers, which flow from tile to tile, unfold themselves just like a tree on the wall. However, Liberte is also inspired by natural wood. Here you will find beautiful structured tiles, decorated with a pattern reminiscent of decorative lamellae. They are a great counterspace and frame for the aforementioned floral motifs.

You already know how to bring a wood effect to your bathroom wall and at the same time not to risk damages caused by moisture. Go for ceramic tiles from our range and enjoy an atmospheric and cosy interior!