7 July 2022

Results of the 1st stage - Tubądzin Design Awards!

We are pleased to present the winners of Stage 1 of the Tubądzin Design Awards in the categories : Young Power, Everyday Design, Unlimited Architecture and the special category CultureFORM.

The winners receive attractive prizes and finalist status. During the final, their projects and realizations will compete for the Grand PRIX in 4 categories.

We present the list of award-winners, below the winning entries:

Young Power category:
1st place: Luan Fontes, Portugal
2nd place: Juan Ramirez, Colombia
3rd place: Szymon Ciepły, Poland

Everyday Design category
1st place: Elena Maksimchuk, Ukraine (co-author: Dima Shuripa)
2nd place: Maksymilian Sejud, Poland
3rd place: Anna Zygmunt, Poland

Works receiving an honourable mention from the competition organiser in Everyday Design category:
Bozhidar Ivanov, Bulgaria
Diana Crestian, Moldavia
Cholpon Omurakunova, Kyrgyzstan

Unlimited Architecture category
1st place: Yulya Podolets, Ukraina (co-authors: Volodymyr Balandukh, Vitaliy Lytvyn, Kateryna Kubai)
2nd place: Klaudia Gołaszewska, Poland (co-authors: Michał Hondo, Marek Grodzicki, Kinga Grzybowska)
3rd place: Artur Bordeianu, Republika Mołdawii (co-authors: Olga Bordeianu, Vasea Versteac)

CultureFORM category
1st place: Ziba Azar (Iran)
Honorable mention: Tristan Kelly and co-author Liang Shang (United Kingdom)
Honorable mention: Kamila Warda (Poland)


Więcej o zwycięzcach oraz pełny opis idei nagrodzonych projektów znajdziecie na Tubądzin Design Community.

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22 June 2022

We announce the winners of the 1st stage in the CultureFORM category!

The high level of commitment to designing the culture of a surroundings manifested itself from stage 1 of the TDA competition in the CultureFORM special category. The submitted works showed how natural it is for the design world to use cultural heritage. The submitted works in the CultureFORM category show a diversity of approaches to the theme. From very intimate spaces to urban space objects.

The authors of the submitted works proved that it is culture that shapes our way of thinking about the world, broadens our horizons, creates values and provides important emotions.

Winner of Stage 1:
Project author: Ziba Azar (Iran)
Winning project:
A Garden House In Faraashaah

The organiser also decided to give two honorable mentions:

Project author: Tristan Kelly, co-author Liang Shang (UK),
Honoured project: Beautiful Memories Playscape

Project author: Kamila Warda (Poland) ,
Honoured project: New Mariupol - Duża Scena Mariupolu

More about the winners and a full description of the ideas of the awarded projects can be found on Tubądzin Design Community.

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8 April 2022

Online premiere of the Inspiration Catalogue TDA’20

It is with huge pleasure that we present you the premiere of the online Inspiration Catalogue Tubądzin Design Awards 2020. It contains the best works entered in the third edition of the international competition for architects, designers and students.

This catalogue has already been distributed in a prestigious paper format to architectural studios in Europe as well as to the winners of the third edition of TDA, which was the base for the catalogue. This way, we want to underline the unique character of the paper version. The catalogue shows both realized projects as well as conceptual projects and focuses on the international promotion of its authors.

Register on the Tubądzin Design Community website to download the TDA 2020 Inspiration Catalogue!

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14 March 2022

Help for architects in Ukraine – HUB FROM TUBĄDZIN DESIGN AWARDS’22 PARTNERS

In the current difficult situation for architects and designers from Ukraine, we, together with the Partners of TDA’22, have launched a relief operation dedicated to this group of professionals.

Together with our TDA’22 partners we have opened a help HUB, which aim is to build a communications bridge between the studios in Poland and around the world and architects that stayed in Ukraine.

The goal is to help with the exchange of information, which should make it easier to find remote work for architects still in Ukraine.

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1 March 2022

TDA IV starts March 1, 2022!

It is today! The fourth edition of the international Tubądzin Design Awards competition, addressed to architects, designers and students, has been launched.

It is the next edition of Tubądzin's original project, where You can experience a great deal of inspiration and creative ideas!

You can win a trip to Tokyo, an internship in Paris and a fair in Milan, and in the special CultureFORM category, an internship at Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera! We look forward to seeing your project!

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14 February 2022

Join us: The 4th edition of the Tubądzin Design Awards is coming soon!

The fourth edition of the international Tubądzin Design Awards competition is coming up! The IV TDA will start on 1 III 2022. Architects, designers and students are invited to submit projects!